Schedule an email to be sent later. Easy email reminders and tracking.

EmailTrack - Schedule and Send E-mails out lets you take control of
when you send and receive email messages.

For Chrome 5.0+.
Works with Gmail and G Suite (Google Apps) email.

Our Features

Track Sent E-mails Instantly

Once you install our extension, you can track when your e-mails are read.

Send Automatic Reminder E-mails

For urgent e-mails, you can do an automatic follow-up e-mail if your first e-mail has not been read within a day.

Schedule E-mails

Schedule E-mails to be sent out at the perfect time to ensure they are read.

With EmailTrack - Schedule and Send E-mails out you can track opens, replies, clicks, so you'll know exactly how your recipients are interacting with your messages.

You can set up tracking for each individual email. In the Gmail Compose window, you can turn tracking on (or off) by clicking the Track button on the bottom bar. Hover your cursor over the Track button to turn on/off tracking for opens, clicks and replies.

There are times you need to make sure you follow up within a specific time frame after sending a message.

You can select to be reminded for certain conditions, 'No One Replied' 'No one opened the Email' 'No one clicked on Link'. This ensures no messages slip through and you always remember to follow up with people.

With EmailTrack - Schedule and Send E-mails out, you can write an email now and schedule it to be sent automatically at the perfect time. Just write the messages as you normally would, then click the Send Later button. Use our calendar picker or our predefined time periods like 'In 1 hour' to tell EmailTrack - Schedule and Send E-mails out when to send your message. We'll take it from there.

Right sidebar: real-time mail tracking in Gmail's ui

After you install EmailTrack, you will see a panel on the right side of the Gmail interface. This interface allows you to see statistics for the number of tracked/reminder/scheduled emails and can be minimized to the right side if needed.

The statistics shown on the right sidebar include:

  • Tracked emails: Sent, Opened, Clicked, Replied status info for tracked emails
  • Reminded emails: 'If not opened', 'If not replied', 'If not clicked' reminders status
  • Scheduled emails: Sent, Still not sent, Fail status for send later feature

Get detailed statistcs with our Dashboard

The Free Email Tracker dashboard is a EmailTrack - Schedule and Send E-mails out web page where you can see whether someone has clicked the links on your message, open your email, or reply to it.
To access the dashboard click on the EmailTrack - Schedule and Send E-mails out icon that should appear in the top righthand corner of your Gmail ui.

Our Email Tracker Dashboard can help you:

  • View detailed statistics for tracked emails, reminder emails and scheduled messages in separate tabs
  • Filter view of events by selected status
  • Detailed view of each event activity When, Where, and Who make activity for your messages
  • Mute events from being processed and unmute it if needed on at 'Archive' tab page.


Messages delivered


Businesses powered by EmailTrack - Schedule and Send E-mails out

EmailTrack - Schedule and Send E-mails out can help you:

  • An email tracking dashboard right in gmail ui and in web-based application also
  • Reminders if your email goes unopened, no replies or no clicks
  • Desktop notifications when your email is read
  • Send later feature allows you to schedule your e-mails
  • Link tracking
  • Mute any event of tracking, reminder or send later

And lots more!

Let's conquer your inbox.

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